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January 2021


Dota 2 New Patch Review 7.25

18 Mar 2020
As we all know, the latest Dota 2 gameplay Patch 7.25 is out. The patch was likely to release after the ESL One Los Angeles Major but is out early due to the cancelation of the event. There are several new changes that 7.25 has to offer. Let us check out some of the most significant reworks in Patch 7.25.

Changes in All Pick and Captain’s Mode

All Pick is the most popular Dota 2 mode where players are free to select and play any hero. After 7.25, there are now five rounds, where both teams will choose a hero at the same time. Moreover, that specific Pick will stay hidden until the next round. It provides less information and prevents the com lane countering matchups.


Hero bans also got reworked. Now there will be a total of 10 bans, with a flat 50% chance of success for each player ban. If there are less than 10, then the game will ban the remaining according to the ban rate at the bracket.


Captain’s Mode’s bans also got changed from 3/2/1 to 4/1/1. It might look like a small change, but it will have a significant impact in pro matches, giving more ban options in the opening stage.

Dota 2 Comeback Mechanics reworked

The comeback mechanic of Dota 2 was always unfair over the years, even after the changes by Valve. It would give more Gold to the losing team after picking off heroes. In Patch 7.25, a much simpler formula revolves solely around the player’s net worth upon death.

  • (50 + Victim Net Worth * 0.03) / number of Heroes

  • Hero kill streaks. Gold rescaled from 60->480 to 200->690.

  • Hero kill streaks XP rescaled from 400->1800 to 500->2040.

Hero Changes and Aghanim’s abilities

The majority of the heroes received minor changes, like stat changes or damage and cooldown rescales. Gyrocopter received both buff and nerfs, with altered power of Flake Cannon and Call down in exchange for cooldown times.


Sniper received a decent buff of base damage and improved Headshot. Ursa’s ultimate now gives more status resistance instead of Fury swipes modifier.


There are multiple heroes, receiving the Aghanim’s changes. Spirit breaker now has a faster Charge of Darkness instead of AOE ultimate. Dazzle’s spells will work like Medusa’s Mystic Snake on eight nearby enemy targets. Jinada’s effect will help to heroes when hit by the Shuriken Toss of Bounty Hunter. Juggernaut now has a mini-Omnislash, lasting for 0.8 seconds.

Snapfire and Void Spirit receives an Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade in 7.25

Void spirit becomes stronger with Aghanim’s scepters. It gives two Resonant Pulse charges, which apply a silence effect after hitting the enemies.


Snapfire gets a new ability, Gobble Up. It works just like the Tiny’s Toss, throwing a creep or hero on the enemies. However, it does not deal damage but an AOE stun, alongside glob of lava around the impact. There is no minimum range of the ability, but the same maximum range as Mortimer’s Kisses.

Major Item Changes

First of all, Nullifier got reworked entirely. It was one of the most impactful late game items. Before it muted the enemies, but now it dispels the target for 5 seconds. The duration may be shorter, but it gives more range and lowers cooldown. Moreover. It grants more armor and damage.


Bloodthorn now requires a Hyperstone instead of Crystalys, providing more attack speed instead of a critical strike.


Boots of Travel is now a passive item, not wasting charges and reducing the TP scroll down by 40 seconds. It also gives more movement speed.


The three most important early game items, Ring of Basilius, Buckler, and Headdress, no longer provide stats. Almost every neutral item received noticeable changes, like Iron Talon, now works even on Ancient creeps, becoming more useful than ever.


What are your thoughts on the Patch 7.25? Please share it with us.

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